An endless mystery, ready to be enriched by a new judicial chapter.

This morning the appeal was filed in the case of Serena Mollicone, the 18-year-old from Arce (Frosinone) found dead on 3 June 2001 in the Anitrella wood.

The Public Prosecutor's Office and the girl's family are not resigned to the sentence of the Court of Assizes of Cassino which acquitted all the defendants last July: Franco Mottola, former commander of the police station of Arce, his wife Anna Maria and their son Marco, who they were accused of voluntary homicide and concealment of a corpse; the then deputy commander of the carabinieri station Vincenzo Quatrale and the police officer Francesco Suprano, accused of aiding and abetting.

In the reconstruction of the prosecutor's office, on the day of her disappearance Serena went to the barracks in Arce and in the Mottola lodgings there would have been a dispute at the height of which the student would have violently hit her head on the jamb of a door, sustaining the injuries that have caused death.

Twenty-two years of investigations, false leads and twists and turns. The first turning point came with the arrest of the coachbuilder Carmine Belli who, however, was acquitted in the Court of Assizes. The investigations end up on a dead end. They leave again when two young marshals of the carabinieri notice a series of inconsistencies in the service sheets of the Arce barracks. The suspicion thus matures that on the day of her disappearance Serena went to the barracks in Arce and from there to the quarters of the commander, Marshal Franco Mottola whose son Marco she knew. Then the clues lead to the violent argument at the climax of which the girl hits her head.

The investigations hypothesize that the body was kept in the old barracks of Arce and that the marshal, his wife and son participated in the crime in various capacities. What is considered a turning point occurs when it becomes clear that a similar scenario is possible only with the complicity of other carabinieri: in-depth studies are started on who was in service on 1 June 2001 in Arce.

It is at that point that Brigadier Santino Tuzi collapses: in two interrogations he reveals that he saw Serena enter and that he had made her go up to the Mottola lodgings. Then he retracted everything and said he had invented everything, he will die by suicide in the following days.

We arrive at the trial for Franco Mottola, his wife, his son, the deputy commander of the Quatrale barracks and the pinned Suprano. But the second trial in the Court of Assizes also ends with an acquittal and scenes of very high tension , with the defendants escaping lynching and being labeled as "murderers".

Now the request for an appeal, filed by the civil parties and by the prosecutor.


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