When, after nine hours, hopes of finding him had been lost, the 29-year-old who disappeared in Porto Tolle, in the province of Rovigo, was instead identified, alive and in good condition, after a bath with friends .

At one o'clock in the morning the young man jumped into the water from the beach of Barricata and disappeared.

Friends raised the alarm and searches began by the Port Authority of Chioggia (Venice) and the Fire Brigade. The find, five kilometers south, is about ten o'clock this morning. The young man had clung to the rocks off the coast of Santa Giulia and remained there for almost nine hours.

The "Drago 149" helicopter of the Fire Brigade found the bather in Gorino di Goro. Under shock but conscious, the 29-year-old was hoisted with the winch on board the helicopter and transported to the hospital in Chioggia for investigations .

The firefighters intervened from Adria (Rovigo) with the divers from Vicenza and the Sapr specialists. In support of the Port Authority and a SAR helicopter from the Italian Air Force.

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