Convinced they were eating spinach or chard, they instead ingested mandrake , a poisonous vegetable.

Ten intoxicated people ended up in hospital last night in Pozzuoli, in the Neapolitan area. One of these is in serious condition, with a confidential prognosis .

The ten are members of three distinct families who bought vegetables in shops in the municipalities of Quarto and Monte di Procida. Probably the mandrake, which we learn was loose and unwrapped, was confused with spinach and beets . The first above all, the accident seems in fact to be due to the similarity of the plant with the common spinach. Perhaps a " mistake of some local greengrocer ".

The invitation, addressed to the inhabitants of Bacoli, Monte di Procida, Monteruscello, Quarto and Pozzuoli, is to " avoid eating spinach and chard bought in recent days ". After the case, the carabinieri withdrew as a precaution some batches of vegetables from some local greengrocers and markets.

The symptoms that suffer from intoxicated people are hallucinations and gastrointestinal problems . The Asl Napoli 2 Nord has alerted all the first aid in the area for any arrivals of other intoxicated people.

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