Luca Piani aged 32, Alessandro Pozzi aged 25 and Simone Giacomelli aged 22 .

They are the three young soldiers of the Sagf (Alpine Rescue of the Guardia di Finanza) died yesterday during an exercise that ended in tragedy in Valtellina .

They were training on the so-called Asteroid Precipice, in the municipal area of Val Masino (Sondrio). While they were in a roped party , a rocky spur gave way and they made a 30 meter flight that left them with no escape , all under the helpless gaze of two colleagues also involved in another roped party.

The site of the tragedy is the scene of numerous rescue operations by these mountain angels, who often save tourists and hikers in danger. This is exactly why they were training.

All residents in Valtellina: Luca Piani in Villa di Tirano, leaves a three-year-old son , Alessandro Pozzi in Valfurva and Simone Giacomelli in Valdisotto, a stone's throw from Bormio. Giacomelli and Pozzi, enlisted in the GdF only in 2022, served in the Sagf station of Madesimo, led by Alessia Guanella, while Piani was part of lieutenant Christian Maioglio's team in the barracks of the Valtellina capital.

Colonel Giuseppe Cavallaro, provincial commander of the Fiamme Gialle, was destroyed. Condolences came from all the institutions.

And the mayor of Valfurva Luca Belotti, on his Facebook profile, wrote: «Hello Alessandro, another young life torn from our land . There are no words that can justify these tragedies and perhaps in these moments not even faith is sufficient to provide answers to the reasons for so many questions. The only thing we can do is join in the pain of the parents and the family."

The mayor of Val Masino, Pietro Taeggi, met and greeted the 5 soldiers yesterday morning before they began their exercise. «They are part of our family - says Taeggi -. I'm often here preparing as best I can. We saw and greeted each other up there at around 1700 meters where I had gone up to check the progress of some municipal works. A grave loss for all of us ."

The Sondrio Prosecutor's Office has entrusted the investigations to the Sagf of Sondrio: the head of the investigation is the magistrate Chiara Costagliola who, together with the prosecutor Piero Basilone, will decide, in the next few hours, whether to order the autopsies as seems likely at the moment. And to all intents and purposes this misfortune appears to be an accident at work , according to the investigators.


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