One is six months old, the other is 6 years old. They were brothers and both most likely ended up at the bottom of the sea in the umpteenth tragedy that took place in the central Mediterranean . The two children are both missing, together with two other migrants, after the boat they were traveling on capsized yesterday: they had left with their parents, who were instead saved, from Sfax, Tunisia, together with 32 other people who they were rescued by a Coast Guard patrol boat.

That's not the only tragedy that took place yesterday off Lampedusa: another boat was wrecked in the afternoon, with rescuers saving 31 people and recovering a body, while between 4 and 6 migrants are missing .

Two shipwrecks in 24 hours. And 20 autonomous landings in Lampedusa, for a total of 677 migrants landed in one day . All while the Geo Barents ship of Doctors Without Borders has recovered another 90 people from a rubber dinghy and now has 164 migrants on board, to add to the 103 on Humanity 1.

In short, the central Mediterranean is full of desperate people who try to cross despite the not so clement weather conditions.


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