Eleven days after the tragedy in Ischia , the last victim of the landslide was also found: it is Mariateresa Arcamone, 31 years old from Lacco Ameno, a waitress in a bar in Forio.

She is the last person, the twelfth, who was sought in the tide of mud and debris that covered Casamicciola after the violent wave of bad weather.

Just today, meanwhile, the families of the twelve victims said no to solemn funerals and chose the private form to bid farewell to their loved ones . There won't even be a single rite, but different funeral ceremonies in different places and times. A way to experience pain in a climate of reserve but also a form of controversy with institutions held responsible for the absence of timely interventions against the hydrogeological instability on the island .

The first funeral rite to be celebrated tomorrow in Lacco Ameno will be that of Eleonora Sirabella and her boyfriend Salvatore Impagliazzo . Eleonora was the first of the people buried by the mudflow to be found by rescuers, the day after the flood. In Lacco tomorrow there will be mourning in the city: flags at half-mast for public offices, shops closed during the funeral and schools closed throughout the municipality . The mayor asks to "keep the cameras off and photographers not to take pictures", giving way "to the respect and pain of those who have refused state funerals precisely to huddle in a more restricted form".

The funeral of Maurizio Scotto Di Minico, his wife Maria Giovanna Mazzella and little Giovanni, just 21 days old , will be held on Friday in Ischia Porto. On Saturday, again in Ischia Porto, farewell to the other family destroyed by the flood, made up of Gianluca Monti, his wife Valentina and their three children Francesco, Michele and Mariateresa . All religious ceremonies will be celebrated by the bishop of Ischia and Pozzuoli, Monsignor Gennaro Pascarella.

In the meantime, checks by firefighters and geologists continue on the hundreds of homes that fall within the red zone evacuated last Friday . The goal is to understand if there are new dangerous situations linked to possible further landslides, before giving the go-ahead for people to return to their homes . The landslide remains under special surveillance also with the aid of the special hi-tech radar installed by the team of Professor Nicola Casagli, full professor of Applied Geology at the University of Florence who is collaborating with the Ischia emergency commissioner. Any subsidence of the land along the slopes of Mount Epomeo will be monitored 24 hours a day, in order to promptly launch any alarms.


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