Thomas Bricca, the 18-year-old shot to the head during a shooting outside a bar in Alatri (Frosinone), has now been declared clinically dead. The bulletin of San Camillo in Rome leaves little hope and speaks of an " absence of cerebral activity ".

Meanwhile, the suspicions of the carabinieri who are investigating the ambush are focusing on two people , those who were on board the scooter from which the shots were fired, but accomplices are not excluded.

Thomas was on a staircase with friends when a scooter stopped in the parking lot a few tens of meters away, one of the two people on board – face covered – pulled out a pistol and aimed precisely at that staircase by pressing the trigger twice .

A roar broke the silence of the square, then the shouts, the arrival of the ambulance and carabinieri and transport by helicopter to San Camillo in Rome in desperate conditions.

The tension in the city was high, two big fights had broken out over the weekend, but no one imagined it would be possible to shoot . According to investigators, the ambush is a settlement of scores after the brawls of the past few days , but Thomas may have ended up in the middle of it due to a tragic mistaken identity, or because he was with people identified by the shooters as rivals .

The small town in the Frusinate area, already devastated six years ago by the beating that cost the death of 20-year-old Emanuele Morganti, is in shock: " This country has learned nothing, my brother's sacrifice has been useless ", the words of his sister Melissa .

The high school kids who knew Thomas are sure that he wasn't the target: "He was a good boy, it's not possible." The father of the 18-year-old, known by everyone in the village where he owns a workshop, is desperate: «You broke my heart, you toxic bastards. God forgives, I don't."


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