He found the thieves in the house and stabbed them, killing one and wounding another. He is now in custody on charges of murder and attempted murder.

This is, at the moment, the reconstruction made by the police and Carabinieri, with the coordination of the Reggio Calabria Prosecutor's Office, on what happened yesterday in the city, when a thirty-year-old from Catania, Alfio Stancampiano, was left in front of the Morelli hospital, where he is died immediately afterwards, by two people who then quickly drove away in a Fiat Punto.

The investigations then led to the discovery of the car parked at the landing stage for Sicily in Villa San Giovanni. The searches thus moved to Sicily, where an alleged accomplice of the victim was found, a 46-year-old - also from Catania - hospitalized in Messina hospital with stab wounds.

The investigators then reconstructed what happened, tracing back the 48-year-old from Reggio, who apparently surprised the criminals, attacking them with a knife - which was seized - and who now has to answer for murder and attempted murder.


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