The Milan Court of Appeal has acquitted Mario Cattaneo, the 73-year-old innkeeper from Casaletto Lodigiano (Lodi), accused of negligent excess of self-defense for having killed, by shooting him with a rifle , one of the thieves who on the night of March 10 2017 he was caught stealing in his club.

The second degree sentence confirms that of the Court by modifying the acquittal with the formula "because the fact does not constitute a crime".

The Court, presided over by Francesca Vitale with judges Giusy Barbara and Stefano Caramellino alongside, acquitted with a different formula than that of the Court of Lodi and cited the articles of the amended law on self-defense as it does not share the hypothesis of the accident.

As can be seen: it is believed that the innkeeper shot to defend his family, especially his grandchildren aged 2 years and 2 months, and his possessions from a danger which he misjudged due to his state of disturbance due to his age, his fact that it was night and at the isolated place where the incident took place in which one of the thieves died. And the fact that the judges do not believe in the hypothesis of an accidental blow can also be deduced from the fact that they requested the transmission of the documents to the prosecutors due to the false testimony of the innkeeper's son and wife.

The reasons will be filed within 90 days.


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