He did not accept his daughter's relationship with a woman and stabbed both of them. Before hitting them, he yelled at them: “To be in prison for 30 years: do you want to die together? The moment has come".

The story comes from Salerno and was reported by one of the victims to the Carabinieri of Crotone.

Francesca and Immacolata, 39 years old from Crotone the first, 23 years old from the province of Naples the second, had arrived in Salerno at the beginning of the month to work in a shop. Here they stayed at the home of a relative of Immacolata, where the attack took place which resulted in some injuries but the two women managed to escape. “Until 5 in the morning, however, my father chased and threatened us. We called 112 and the carabinieri intervened, accompanying us to our home in Salerno to pack our bags and then return to Crotone safely. To date, he denies everything, but we have proof of what he did ", said the 23-year-old.

The doctors reported bruises and stab wounds on the body. Their relationship has been going on for over a year.

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