It was certainly not the fog or the still uncertain climate that held back the man who, in Venice, decided to try his hand at a reckless dive into the waters of the city's canals . To be exact in the Rio Novo adjacent to San Pantalon, behind Campo Santa Margherita,

Too bad that the trampoline chosen was the top floor of a building . Posted on the net, the video of the gesture immediately went viral. The images show the protagonist who, under the worried and bewildered eyes of the citizens, throws himself from the top of the building , falling (crashingly) into the water. Waiting for him was an "accomplice" who, equipped with a towel, helped him dry off and recover after the feat.

The city , which is not new to such episodes, said it was concerned . This was confessed by the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro who expressed his disapproval of the incident with a tweet. “ This subject should be given a certificate of stupidity and a lot of kicks . We're trying to ID him, report him. Him and his buddy below who made the stupid video for social media. It must be understood how he climbed onto the roof, he even risked his life. They are real criminals who do not realize the danger they create for the city. Let's think if a boat had passed below. I tell young people that they risk ruining themselves for this nonsense ».

« What happened this morning in Venice is shameful , and above all it is an insult to the fragility of the city and to all of us Venetians. Such acts must be punished with firmness. Anyone who wants to behave this way should go elsewhere, thundered Luca Zaia, the governor of Veneto . At the base of the "stunt" there would be social networks and the usual "hunt for likes". The hypotheses all concern this track and the first investigations by the municipal police would seem to confirm the suspicion.


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