For Filippo Turetta , in prison for the murder of Giulia Cecchettin , it will be difficult in this phase of the proceedings , the investigations, to obtain a psychiatric evaluation to ascertain the possible inability, even partial, of understanding and will at the time of the facts .

At present, according to what transpires, no request on this point has been filed by the defense with the investigating judge.

From what we know, there are no previous diagnoses of mental problems for Turetta in the records and, also on the basis of the first psychological and psychiatric evaluations in prison, it is unlikely that a request for an expert opinion can be accepted . If anything, defensive work will be needed with biased consultancy, entrusted to experts, to collect useful material, also through meetings with the prisoner, to arrive at a request and possible acceptance of the psychiatric report. An application which in the case could be filed by the defense later, if not directly during the trial.

Today a meeting between Turetta and his parents has also been scheduled in prison in Verona. The young man will thus have the opportunity to see his father and mother again for the first time after the murder of Giulia Cecchettin and the arrest. The green light came from the Venice prosecutor Andrea Petroni after the preliminary interrogation.

In the meantime, while waiting for the autopsy on Giulia's body scheduled for tomorrow, work is underway in Vigonovo in view of the funeral of the brutally murdered young woman, a ceremony in which around 10 thousand people are expected . The Order and Security Council was scheduled today.


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