A bottle of myrtle for Pope Francis. Geppi Cucciari brought it to the Vatican on the occasion of the meeting between the Pontiff and comedians from all over the world: «The rule of Sardinia is to never arrive empty-handed», explained the artist from Macomer.

One of the many guests at the audience dedicated to prayer, reflection and, obviously, smiles. The American actress Whoopie Goldberg was also there: "A wonderful meeting," she said upon leaving the meeting. When asked if the Pope will participate in Sister Act 3 (she had posted a video some time ago in which she jokingly talked about this possibility), Goldberg replied laughing: " Today wasn't the right context to ask him, I'll probably send him an email."

Luciana Litizzetto reads St. Thomas's prayer of good humor and comments: «Today is a day of joy, we usually only see each other for funerals...». And again, Christian De Sica says: «The Pope is wittier than us». He then reports that the Pontiff told him that he had seen the film "Miracle in Milan" by Father Vittorio De Sica "five times".

«I was very struck when the Pope said that we make God smile. We are content to make people laugh, even if someone laughs it's fine», jokes Giovanni Scifoni.

Giacomo Poretti was also struck by the Pontiff's phrase: "Every time we manage to make someone smile, we make God smile too, it's a message to meditate on."

«I still have to understand how to make God smile», says Luca Bizzarri for his part. The meeting, organized by the Departments of Culture and Communication, was attended by 107 artists from all over the world, not only actors but also humorous writers and cartoonists.


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