Filippo Turetta confessed to the murder of Giulia Cecchettin. He did so on Tuesday morning, issuing spontaneous statements to the investigating judge of Venice Benedetta Vitolo at the end of the interrogation, during which he had exercised the right not to answer.

THE INTERROGATION. From what was known, in the few minutes in which he remained before the investigating judge the young man was in tears and in particular he cried before being taken away, when the interrogation ended, to the Verona prison.

Philip would have said he was repentant and ready to serve the full sentence for what he had done. But he would never mention his ex-girlfriend's name and would imply that he had had some sort of mental blackout.

The certainty, as clarified by the lawyer Giovanni Caruso who then remained with the 21-year-old for an interview, is that "no request will be presented to the Review" against the detention order in prison, "nor will any relaxation of the measure be requested" .

In Verona Turetta will move from the infirmary department to the "protected" section in a few days , for even greater protection than the other inmates, after he has finished psychological and psychiatric visits and evaluations. Those who look after him describe his "calm" attitude. He's "fine", said the defender. He wants to read and see his parents as soon as possible.

The defense could bet everything on a request for a psychiatric evaluation, a move that could be preceded by the choice not to speak immediately before the judge.

THINGS TO BE CLARIFIED – Among the points to be clarified are those that concern the possible planning of the crime: more clues, including the adhesive tape bought online a few days before and the fact that the young man would have brought two knives with him.

THE AGGRAVATING AGGRAVANTS – The Prosecutor's Office, during the proceedings, could then contest one or more new aggravating circumstances , including cruelty (it will depend on the results of the autopsy scheduled for December 1st), and the crime of concealment of a corpse .

The young man's car, together with the objects seized inside, will be brought back to Italy by investigators within the next week, and will be entrusted for analysis to the Parma Ris carabinieri, who will also carry out those on traces of blood, on the knife found in the car and on the other one that was in the parking lot a stone's throw from the Cecchettins' house, as well as on the piece of adhesive tape with which the 21-year-old may have closed the mouth and tied the girl's hands.

However, Giulia's telephone has not yet been found , while near the body there was only one of the girl's shoes, together with around twenty objects, such as the girl's clothes and an illustrated children's book, right next to the body. The investigators want to see clearly about these details to understand whether the ex-boyfriend specifically decided to place them there.

AGGRAVATING STALKING – In the meantime, the lawyer of Elena Cecchettin, Giulia's sister, has made it known that the young woman's murder is "aggravated by stalking" . Filippo Turetta, in fact, explains the lawyer Nicodemo Gentile, has «demonstrated to be a 'nagging harasser', his behaviour, as is emerging from several elements we have already collected, is characterized by multiple and repeated conduct which describes 'hunger for possession towards our Giulia".

It is, he clarified, "a psychological siege that had caused the girl a state of disorientation and significant anxiety". And again: «A masterful use of the relationship that pushed Turetta first to perpetrate repeated acts of harassment and control, also through incessant calls and messages, and then, finally, murder, in order to gratify his persecutory will».


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