The second-degree trial for the murder of Elena Raluca Serban , the 32-year-old of Romanian origin killed on 17 April 2021 by Gabriel Falloni, 37-year-old from Sorso, confessed and sentenced to prison, is underway in the Court of Assizes of Appeal in Turin life imprisonment on May 25th in first instance.

The defense (lawyers Marco Palmieri and Davide Meloni) will present a request for a psychiatric report , after having focused - with biased advice - on a partial inability to understand and want already before the Aosta Court of Assizes . The consultancy ordered by the judges had instead established that at the time of the crime he was capable of understanding and wanting .

According to what was reconstructed , Falloni had found the woman's number on an escort classifieds site and had been seeing her for some time .

On April 17, 2021, he strangled her, slaughtered her with three stab wounds and robbed her of over 8,000 euros, almost six months of the defendant's salary, as underlined by the first instance judges. He then fled by taxi to Genoa, and was then arrested on 21 April upon his return to Nus where he lived.

The video footage of the apartment building where the woman had lived for a month and the telephone records immediately framed him.

The Court of Assizes of Aosta had recognized the teleological aggravating circumstance (the homicide was aimed at being able to carry out a robbery), which was decisive for the life sentence . Instead, deny that of futile reasons - in his confession, Falloni had said that he had killed her after being mocked for sexual dysfunction, a version that for the judges is only a "clumsy defense attempt" - and that of cruelty.


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