The health conditions of Alfredo Cospito , the anarchist on hunger strike for over a hundred days against the 41bis, are increasingly serious .

The doctors of Opera and the Surveillance Tribunal of Milan, presided over by Giovanna Di Rosa, are beginning to evaluate the hypothesis of transfer to the penitentiary medicine department of the San Paolo hospital for fear of heart failure . Even if Cospito – who has kept himself alive for a few days by taking only water, sugar and salt, and will continue to refuse even supplements – warned the Prison Administration Department, also informing the Ombudsman of the prisoners, from proceeding to feed him artificially in the should he lose consciousness .

Clinical monitoring describes Cospito as still lucid. The anarchist walks, stands, the vital parameters are deemed compatible with detention in the integrated assistance service of Opera, where he has a room by himself. There is maximum attention towards him from the health personnel of the Milanese prison and from the surveillance magistrates Giovanna Di Rosa, president of the section, and Ornella Anedda, who have the duty to protect the health conditions of the prisoners and to guarantee their rights, including the fundamental right to preserve the good of life.

CLASHES – Yesterday meanwhile, while a peaceful sit-in was held in Cagliari , there were stones thrown at the forces of order in Milan in front of the Opera prison and riots and clashes with the police in Rome . The appeal of the insurrectionary anarchists to show their solidarity with their "comrade" inmate Alfredo Cospito brought a thousand people to the streets, including activists from the antagonistic galaxy, student collectives and social centres.

In the Capital we witnessed the most intense moments of tension, 800 people marched behind the banner "Alongside Alfredo, against 41 bis and life imprisonment" and the chorus "Everyone out of 41 bis". A group of a few dozen demonstrators dressed in black and with their faces covered created havoc: with the procession heading towards the popular districts to the east of the city, as they marched they threw bottles and smoke bombs at the police .

In Piazzale Prenestino, however, they left a trail of damage, breaking through the windows of a car and those of a bench at the bus stop, and then setting fire to an electrical substation . Then they attempted to create barricades by overturning the rubbish bins and hundreds of bottles spilled out of a glass bell that had just been torn down, many of which were thrown at the police, who then set off with the charges. The result was three demonstrators arrested and taken to the police station and two injured instead.


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