The judges of the Surveillance Court of Sassari will also rule within five days on the request for deferment of the house arrest sentence for the anarchist Alfredo Cospito .

The request, together with that of Milan, was presented for serious health reasons by Cospito's defense lawyers , Maria Teresa Pintus and Flavio Rossi Albertini. The lawyers have indicated the house of Cospito's sister in Viterbo as the residence for possible house arrest.

This morning the judges Eugenie Giovannelli and Giommaria Cuccuru heard the prisoner in the hearing, connected by videoconference from the San Paolo hospital in Milan, where he is hospitalized precisely because of the precarious health conditions due to the hunger strike that Cospito is carrying out to contest the prison regime of 41 bis, to which he is subjected.

In Milan, the Public Prosecutor's Office , led by Francesca Nanni, has requested that Cospito remain "permanently" placed in the penitentiary medicine department of the San Paolo , always in prison and under the 41bis regime. The negative opinion of the house arrest is based on the fact that his serious condition is "self-induced" and on this there is already the jurisprudence of the Cassation.

In substance, the reason, expressed by the attorney general Nanni and by the substitute pg Nicola Balice in the negative opinion on the deferral of the sentence, is "simple and logical". The jurisprudence of the Cassation has already established, clarifies the Attorney General, that deferral with house arrest cannot be granted "in case the pathology is self-determined", such as for a hunger strike. A reason, for the PCs, "decisive with respect to the request of the defense".

The anarchist before the Surveillance judges also said that he would be "willing to withdraw from the hunger strike as long as the Surveillance court frees other prisoners under the 41 bis, elderly or sick people who just want to go home after 30 years of the 41 bis", as explained by the lawyer.


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