Alfredo Cospito «is placed at the top of an association with terrorist purposes» and from prison he «sent documents urging the continuation of the armed struggle of anarcho-insurrectionist origin».

Justice Minister Carlo Nordio said this in the Senate, recalling the reasons that led his predecessor, Marta Cartabia, to order the 41 bis for the anarchist, first detained in Sassari and now in Opera (Milan) , on hunger strike for over 100 days against the harsh prison regime to which he is subjected.

But it is not only the Cospito case itself that is agitating politics. The Democratic Party, in fact, through the voice of Debora Serracchiani, pointed the finger at Prime Minister Meloni ("crime" of "silence") and at the same time asked for the resignation of the Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro , since "he himself angelically admitted that having given the confidential wiretaps on the talks in prison between the anarchist Cospito and two mafia bosses, to the FdI deputy Giovanni Donzelli ».

The same Donzelli who in recent days has harshly attacked the dem, for having gone – with a delegation which also included Serracchiani herself – to visit Cospito in the Bancali prison, to ascertain his health conditions.

According to Serracchiani, the hypothesis that Delmastro passed confidential information to Donzelli is "a very serious fact that has also jeopardized the investigations and checks in prison".

But of what nature would these documents be? These would be internal confidential documents, but not covered by secrecy. In particular, a report by the Department of Penitentiary Administration (Dap) on Cospito's talks during the time off, some of which with leading figures of organized crime.

Meanwhile, the alarm continues for the mobilization of anarchists in support of the battle of Cospito.

The police forces have strengthened the alert on points considered sensitive and the Sanremo Festival is also armored. Expected, on the occasion of the event, checks with metal detectors at the gates of the "red zone" around the Ariston, special units, including crime prevention departments; counter-terrorism units and cyber security specialists, use of public video surveillance cameras, sea checks and more surveillance with an additional 150 units per day in addition to the 100 men already present.

«The device has been strengthened regardless of a specific alert to guarantee the safety of the event», explained the commissioner Giuseppe Peritore.


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