Retailed, it would have earned one million euros. This is the value of the 35 and a half kilos of cocaine found by the carabinieri buried in the Lattari mountains, in the area of the Municipality of Gragnano, in the Neapolitan area.

The drug was in cellophane bags, inside plastic barrels, and there were also 20 kilos of dried marijuana.

The "Green life" operation was carried out by the military on the promontories overlooking the Sorrento coast, a difficult place to inspect due to its particular geographic conformation.

During the checks, Nicola Gentile, 41-year-old from Agerola already known to the police, rancher, considered a prominent member of the Afeltra - Di Martino clan, ended up in handcuffs. A Desert Eagle cal. 44 magnum with magazine and 47 cartridges and a 9 caliber Micro Uzi machine gun with abraded serial number and silencer, 3 tanks and 15 bullets. Even weapons of war, wrapped in a cellophane bag and buried together with 37 cal. 7.62 and 5 cal. 12.

Finally, in the area of Monte Faito, 50 cannabis plants of about 1 meter and 20 centimeters were seized. In the locality of "Chiane", in Gragnano, there are still 50 plants of the same species.

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