A 60-year-old woman, Rosa Comito, stopped by the police on charges of killing her 58-year-old partner at the height of an argument that broke out inside her apartment.

It happened in Vercelli , in a building on Corso XXVI Aprile, where the woman allegedly hit the man - Tiziano Colombo, nurse - with a dozen stab wounds, including in the back, leaving him no escape.

The police are investigating the incident. From what we learn, after having attacked the 58-year-old, it was the woman who raised the alarm, in a state of shock.

The motive and reasons that triggered the altercation which resulted in the crime are still yet to be clarified.

«They were together, I don't know how long. But they loved each other, at least it seemed like it,” a neighbor explained to La Stampa. Adding: "I've never heard them argue, and this is a quiet condominium, nothing like this has ever happened before."


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