In the USA, the case of Tire Nichols explodes, a 29-year-old African American who died after three days of agony due to injuries sustained during a beating by five agents, also African Americans, in the city of Memphis, Tennessee.

Some videos have been released of the incident, which immortalize the beatings.

One clip, in particular, shows officers dragging Nichols out of the car, as the young man yells: "Damn, I didn't do anything ... I'm just trying to get home."

Then the officers force him to the ground while ordering him to lie on his stomach, spraying his face with pepper spray.

Nichols then breaks free, stands up and runs down a street while the officers chase him, firing the taser at him.

Another video shows a subsequent scuffle after the officers reached Nichols again: in the images, two policemen hold the 29-year-old to the ground while a third kicks him and a fourth strikes him with what appears to be a stick, before a another agent strikes him.

As mentioned, the incident caused a stir and indignation.

The five police officers are now facing charges of second-degree murder, assault, kidnapping, misconduct and abuse.

For all the Department has already ordered the dismissal.


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