Citizen of the world, with Sardinia in his heart. Simon Giuseppe Floris is a very young film industry operator who now lives in New York but who brings with him a history of travel and moving, and despite having seen wonderful places he remains convinced of one thing: «Sardinia's beaches are by far the most beautiful in the world".

The paternal branch of his family is originally from the island: father from Cagliari who emigrated to Bergamo to attend the academy of the Guardia di Finanza, grandfather Giuseppe – known as Peppino – from Desulo, grandmother Giovanna – known as Gianna – from Sant'Andrea Frius . Today they live in Cagliari. And Simon Giuseppe, 23, knows many areas well because since he was a child, holidays were in Alghero, Santa Teresa Gallura, Santa Margherita di Pula, Orgosolo.

Danish mother, her parents met in Greece, in Santorini, they got engaged then she came to Italy. They lived in Lazio before they all moved – including their youngest son, Samuel – to Brussels. One of the stages that for Simon Giuseppe still remains a point of reference as he pursues his career in the United States.

Italy, Belgium, what other trips?

«At the age of 14 I went to school in Denmark for a year, to deepen the language. Then in 2016 we arrived in Beijing with the whole family because my father had left the Guardia di Finanza in the meantime and now works for the European Union. After two and a half years I went to the USA because cinema has always fascinated me. I studied, I graduated in the film and TV industry, and then I started pursuing various projects. For me, the United States is a very important, indeed fundamental, opportunity for professional growth».

What exactly does the film editor do?

«It puts together various clips to compose a coherent video, in English it is called "editor". There are various points to fix: from the audio that needs to be synchronized to the color adjustment to ensure that the images are homogeneous. Then there's the whole world of transitions and special and sound effects: for example the sound of a gun being shot is added after the shot because they use plastic weapons on set for safety reasons. You can't improvise, editing is a complicated job, it requires care and attention, all elements that I was able to acquire thanks to the studies and the opportunities I had here in the United States. But I also do other things."

About what?

“I was the first camera assistant, so I make sure the image isn't blurry. The cameras used for cinema are very complex, and totally manual. When shooting videos with a mobile phone there is auto focus, for the set instead these are adjustments to be treated very well. We add lenses, cables, what you see on the screen, in short, is the result of a great deal of work».

Simon Giuseppe Floris al lavoro (foto concessa)
Simon Giuseppe Floris al lavoro (foto concessa)
Simon Giuseppe Floris al lavoro (foto concessa)

What projects did you follow?

«Two very important for Lego (the Danish company that produces toys, ed ) and a Gucci commercial, to name a few. The former are part of an "educational" TV series for children. After series one they called me to do the second as well and this gave me great satisfaction».

Have you met famous people?

«Some yes, even if I don't frequent Hollywood much: Melissa Barrera, Julianne Moore, the director Wim Wenders».

And who are the “VIPs” in your sector?

«The most famous editor in the world is Walter Murch, and another very good one is Paul Rogers, both Oscar winners».

Simon Giuseppe Floris, 23 anni (foto concessa)
Simon Giuseppe Floris, 23 anni (foto concessa)
Simon Giuseppe Floris, 23 anni (foto concessa)

Have you thought of any projects with Sardinia as the protagonist?

«If I had to imagine a film, since it is a very romantic land for me, I would invent a love story that takes place in Cala Gonone, a wonderful place».

Main actors?

«Alessandro Gassmann and Ambra Angiolini».

Is Sardinia always something special for you?

«Sardinians are unique, hospitable people who show you true friendship and great affection. Not to mention the gastronomic side, a world of typical products that well represent its wealth».

Have you found something Sardinian around the world?

«Actually yes, in China they consume the centenary egg, a sort of "fermented egg", which is treated in a particular way, I wouldn't know how to reproduce it. But it made me think of the casu marzu, which my father often told me about. In short, Sardinia is always talked about, at every latitude».

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