Last Sunday one of the most anticipated matches of the Premier League took place in England: the Manchester derby between City and United . The winner (3-1) was European champion City and what refreshed Erling Haaland and his teammates after the match were the delicious delicacies prepared by two young Sardinian emigrants, Enrico Pinna and Daniela Steri.

The fulfillment of a dream for the 30-year-old from Iglesias and the 27-year-old from Musei , who after graduating left Sardinia to move to the United Kingdom, with the aim of improving their English and finding work. After an experience in London they landed in Manchester and here they opened a small restaurant business - Ad Maiora - which quickly became a sort of small institution in the Northern Quarter of the great British industrial city. The house specialty? The stuffed focaccias, which in a short time have gained more and more acclaim and reviews. And now a new, prestigious upgrade has arrived.

«We were invited by Manchester City's head nutritionist for a large catering event, which took place on Monday to reward the City players after the very important victory in the Manchester derby», explains Enrico Pinna to

«We had – continues Pinna – the opportunity to serve our homemade focaccias to all the City players and all the staff members, starting from the nutritionists up to the doctors and athletic trainers».

Why did they choose you?

«We were chosen for our emblematic history, given that we started "from the bottom", selling focaccias from our apartment a year ago. But also for the authenticity and genuineness of our products».

What specialties did you put on the table?

«We brought our entire menu and our best-selling focaccias. But we also gave the players the opportunity to choose their favorite ingredients for the filling and they didn't have to wait. So in the end it turned into a preparation "on request" based on everyone's tastes...".

The inevitable question is: what did Haaland choose?

«The first to welcome us was the Norwegian bomber, who immediately showed interest in choosing his favorite ingredients. He confessed to us that he is crazy about our buffalo mozzarella. And so he asked us to prepare a foccaccia with Parma ham, Campana DOP buffalo mozzarella, rocket and a little pesto made by us."

Did he like it?

«I would say yes: after eating it she had two more prepared...».

And the other players?

«Many not only had an encore, but also took home some of our focaccias for their families».

An experience worth remembering, in short...

«Yes, it was truly a very emotional day and the City nutritionist is already organizing another similar event. For me and Daniela it is a great satisfaction as well as an important recognition of the much work done so far."

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