Sardinia is a land capable of offering every type of tourism the right "satisfaction", and Enrico Pusceddu, a 34-year-old from Cagliari who, as a travel influencer, has made the beauty of the island one of the strong points of his work, knows this well. .

Breathtaking views, unknown places, enchanting beaches are the protagonists of the videos that are published on its social platforms and which attract thousands of comments and "likes". A presence that has not gone unnoticed in the sector and which has led him to be one of the finalists of the Italy Ambassador Awards, the contest whose final ceremony is scheduled for November 23rd in Florence.

What exactly does a travel influencer or content creator do?

«Create photo and video content to promote, in my case, places in Sardinia. I publish them on my social channels and in this way I have created a beautiful and large community."

Can it be considered a new type of work?

«Yes, I've been doing it for about ten years, in fact I often bring my son, who is six years old. He comes with me on some of my adventures and is the protagonist of various videos. He has always been used to video cameras, drones, and above all to contact with nature."

How did this promotion idea come about?

«During the pandemic period I founded, with Jacopo Cogoni, a platform: Sardinia Itineraries. The need was to go out, to "see" the world again, and also to convert requests from followers who were starting to think about what to do once the lockdown was over. On the platform anyone can create their own itinerary for free. Then we enrich it by sending the PDF and indicating nearby locations to visit."

Is there any special preparation required?

«In the meantime, a lot of curiosity. My journey started from the opposite position. I started taking film acting courses because I had a passion for videos, then I moved behind the camera and landed on YouTube where I published images of my tours, but to feed the channel I had to travel a lot. Then I rediscovered Facebook, then Instagram (enricotravels_insardinia), and gradually concentrated only on Sardinia."

The one with the crystalline sea?

«Also, but not only. I try to tell it in 360 degrees with history, traditions, archaeological sites, museums. We have over 7 thousand sites, there is no shortage of proposals."

Among these is the one that brought you to the Italy Ambassador Awards, what is it?

«It is the national award for the best content creators and influencers who sponsor Italy. My Instagram profile had a lot of visibility and they asked me to participate. It was necessary to create a video to post on my social page on the topic of sustainability, I chose the tourism field. I combined my ideas with those of Sa Rutta Experience and just a few weeks ago I was informed that I will be among the finalists. From Sardinia there are only two of us but in different categories."

What is sustainability in tourism?

«My idea is to be able to travel trying to discover local realities, understand how they move, and how they commit to realizing their projects. Sustainability refers to everything that comes from renewable sources."

At what point is Sardinia in terms of sustainability and tourism? And does the combination work?

«I found interesting situations in the less touristy areas, it seems counterintuitive, but those that have a greater number of presences have been working for years and therefore have more difficulty in converting certain structures to follow a sustainable model. The less touristy ones, however, can already start with certain characteristics typical of sustainability."

You may have seen beautiful places in recent years, which one captured your heart?

«The Capo Nieddu waterfall in Cuglieri: it is torrential in nature and it is difficult to find it at its maximum splendor, now it is dry for example, but after the rains at a certain point it seems like being in a place in northern Europe. It discharges water into the sea after a 40 meter drop, it's beautiful. And then Sa Brecca de is Tapparas in Perdasdefogu, a sort of gorge 40 meters underground, the space between one wall and the other is one meter, one and a half meters, it seems to be in the bowels of the earth. I would also like to mention the cave of Santa Barbara in Iglesias, because it deserves to be visited."

Is there a place that could be enhanced and instead found in a state of decay or abandonment?

«Degradation or abandonment, no, but the whole part between Iglesias and Oristano has a high potential, and something more could be done in terms of transport. Many times tourists tell me that they have difficulty because there is no functional network. It is also true that we are talking about mostly "wild" places: on the one hand they do not attract a certain amount of tourism, on the other they are the best for those seeking adventure, or for surfers, or those traveling by minivan."

Is there a place that many people of Cagliari might not know even though they have it before their eyes?

«I think of underground Cagliari, you pass by the church of Sant'Eulalia and you can visit the old city, the Marina. I realized that many have never had this experience."

What do you think tourists are looking for?

«The tourist today is bored and needs experiences, adrenaline. Sports or food and wine activities, depending on your tastes, but you want to experience emotions. Something that goes straight to the heart and can be kept as a memory forever."

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