The party for Cagliari's return to Serie A reaches other regions, other states, other continents, those where the thousands of Sardinian emigrants live. And for everyone that moment was a joy when the referee whistled the end of the match against Bari which decreed, thanks to Pavoletti's goal, a new season for the rossoblùs.

Gabriele Enna , from Bonarcado, has been in Japan for years : «I followed Cagliari as much as possible given the time difference and the fact that here it is difficult to be able to watch the matches. But I can say that it has been a long and painful season, we have finally regained our rightful place in the top flight and, thanks to this, next season we will be able to follow the matches again also from Japan: always go Cagliari».

Pierpaolo Curreli , originally from Ovodda, lives in Emilia Romagna and watched the challenge anxiously: «Up until the 93rd minute I was very sorry for how things were going and, after a minute, the goal, my liberating scream started! Here we are, we are back in Serie A and we hope to play as protagonists. My sister and I will do everything to bring a little joy and enthusiasm to all the Sardinian and non-Sardinian fans with our traditional clothes and our dances around the city».

«Cagliari is our favorite team - says Mario Agus, representative of the Sardinian clubs in Holland - I've seen almost all the games but in this last one I was short of breath. A great team that deserves to be in Serie A, thanks of course to Pavoletti's great goal which gave all the Sardinians a great gift. Really good - continues Agus - and especially Claudio Ranieri. A great person, a great coach. Sardinians who live in Holland (and certainly all over the world) are proud to have Cagliari in Serie A. We will always follow our favorite team with great interest».

The emigrants from the "Su Nuraghe" club in Biella, chaired by Battista Saiu, went wild on social media and filled the association's bulletin board with numerous messages. From "Pavoloso" to "Grande Cagliari" to "Incredible". And someone even launched into a song dedicated to the rossoblù team.

Sebastiana Garippa, 88 anni, vive a Oliena ma i suoi nipoti si trovano a Biella e a Novara (foto concessa)
Sebastiana Garippa, 88 anni, vive a Oliena ma i suoi nipoti si trovano a Biella e a Novara (foto concessa)
Sebastiana Garippa, 88 anni, vive a Oliena ma i suoi nipoti si trovano a Biella e a Novara (foto concessa)

Many members gathered at the headquarters of the “ Associazione dei Sardi Antonio Gramsci” in Turin : «It seemed a bit like April 12, 1970, when Cagliari won the Scudetto – says Enzo Cugusi, originally from Gavoi – Because expectations were very high and it seemed that the undertaking of Bari, which is a strong team, of a city that is almost a metropolis, was impossible. For us then the fact that Cagliari will come to Turin twice – for Torino Calcio and Juventus – is a reason to forge relationships with the team, within us we also have a fans club and another Cagliari club of which mia is president daughter, second generation Sardinian”.

Giuseppe (Peppino) Mureddu , born in 1932, who emigrated from Lodine to Monza, also rejoices: «The victory of Cagliari, away from home, is very important for the quick return to Serie A!», and Mario Succu, entrepreneur from Budoni who recently opened a take away of Sardinian sandwiches in the center of Milan : «I am delighted to see the colors of our land again in the category we deserve, winning like this is even more beautiful! We give a large part of the credit to that Lord with a capital S which is Claudio Ranieri, now let's enjoy this goal and then head to Serie A!».

Again, from Poland Alberto Defraia from Cagliari, president of the "Shardana" club in Warsaw : «Unfortunately yesterday I was unable to see the Cagliari match because we had the Bosa Choir as guests for a beautiful concert here in the capital. So last night, while we were strolling after dinner with the choir in the Castle area, Marco – one of the members – told us: "I just got this WhatsApp message about the Cagliari goal", and it was clear to everyone right away: yes goes to Serie A! Come on Cagliari! We wish the team a good return to Serie A and a long stay».

Even from Pagonia (Argentina) the members of the "Domus Sardinia" club in Neuquén cheered on the rossoblùs together with the president, Marianela Fava Signorini. They shot a video to send great encouragement to their favorite team: «Come on Casteddu, good luck».

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