The court-appointed technical consultant of the Court of Cagliari this morning showed up at the construction site of the works to make the buildings facing onto a part of via Dettori safe.

It is the first inspection by the expert in view of the investigations that will have to shed light on the damage and cracks that have forced residents and traders to abandon that stretch of road in the Navy. Today's visit is the first of a long series. Tight deadlines: the report of the investigations ordered by the Court must be delivered by June.

This morning some workers were still at work and there was a truck inside the construction site. But the safety is practically complete. The posts have been placed and, starting from the road, have been leaned against the green building in the part of via Dettori closest to piazza Aramu, a widening instead not affected by the subsidence. Other support poles have been placed between the buildings facing the street. While a tunnel protected by bridges will allow technicians to work in safety to ascertain the causes of the failures. Situation blocked: the approximately eighty residents cannot return to their homes and are still guests of friends and hotels. Businesses also remain closed. A local has auctioned off its finest wines on Instagram. And another, forced to close after the collapse, has started an online collection to reopen the business elsewhere.


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