The removal of the paving stones from via Roma is taking place in compliance with the rules and with " due caution ".

This was reiterated by the mayor of Cagliari Paolo Truzzu , who, together with service and company technicians, took stock of the situation on the works. Works which, the mayor assures in a post on Facebook, "are proceeding according to schedule" .

And so the removal of the road paving continues, "with due caution". The paving stones removed, explains Truzzu, «are stacked in a temporary warehouse for subsequent repositioning and reuse» . Furthermore, given that the current road system will be reduced, there will be some extra paving stones which will be placed within the green promenade «as planned» .

Again: «The new green oasis will help us fight the phenomenon of heat islands and try to lower the overall temperature of the city ».

The mayor reports that two new "first rainwater" collection networks are also being built which will convey rainwater into as many underground tanks which, once treated, will be used to irrigate the garden . «With lower costs for the administration and greater respect for the territory».

Thus, therefore, Truzzu responds to the controversies that have arisen in recent days when, after a complaint presented by a citizen, the carabinieri of the heritage protection unit have started the investigations to verify that the nineteenth-century stones that formed the promenade on the portico side have not been damaged.


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