Work has been completed on the Sorso-Sennori road in the Salamagna area, which will be reopened to vehicular and pedestrian traffic on Wednesday 24 April at 5pm. The work, which by design included the adaptation and safety of the road that connects the two centers of Romangia, was completed in full compliance with the scheduled times.

The works - carried out thanks to funding from the Sardinia Region of 750 thousand euros, included in the three-year program of public works 2022-2024 - have made it possible to return to the community a safer road for motorists and pedestrians, thanks to the widening of the carriageway in both the senses march.

In addition to the resurfacing of the road, compliant sidewalks were created on both sides of the road and a public lighting system was installed along the entire length of the road. The dangerous sharp bend that characterized the route has also been eliminated. The new raised pedestrian crossings, useful for limiting the speed of vehicles in transit, will guarantee the passage of pedestrians in complete safety.

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