The American military code defines it " Carrier Strike Group ", which is the deadliest air strike group of the US Navy. It is the most powerful fire force in the United States of America, at sea and in the air. If the leaders of the Italian defense are agitated as never before to "pass off" the attack on Sardinia as a normal pre-summer exercise, Joe Biden's Generals think about denying them across the board.

And this is not a denial of chatter . For days one of the largest American aircraft carriers was "buzzing" around the Nuraghi Island. The transponder, the satellite signaling device for identifying the gigantic naval vessel, is strictly off. It is impossible to certify the supersonic fighters that for days have "broken" the wall of sound flying over the skies above the Giara di Gesturi, once sighting Capo Frasca and the other Perdasdefogu, towards Quirra.

Check the supercarrier

In the very few tracks available to the satellites, the presence of a gigantic ship loaded with attack planes was certain off the coast of Sardinia. The same dimensions projected into the ether through the satellite were damn matching: 332.8 meters long, 76.8 meters wide, 74 meters high.

Three seafaring soccer fields , with 90 fighter planes ready to dismantle any possible resistance on the ground and beyond. En route to Sardinia they were not seen by anyone, but the encrypted messages began to widen the range of action when a real and its own patrol of destroyers and frigates, all escorting the "Harry S. Truman", the nuclear-powered super aircraft carrier dedicated to the 33rd President of the United States.

It was the Marines themselves who no longer hid when on the American military intelligence network they beat their position and the mission that had just begun. The message is encrypted: “US Navy Europe is in the area of operations. Our jets can provide close air support to NATO troops on the ground. Simultaneously with Neptune Shield, we are launching our aircraft and simulating close air support for military action in Sardinia ».

Translated from the jargon of war it means that the deadly fighters, those that have been raging all over the island for days, will cover the amphibious assault from the ships dedicated to the "Normandy mission" in the land of Sardinia. In practice, the fighters, with assault helicopters, bomb the area chosen for landing, annihilate the "enemy" and facilitate the landing of the amphibians on the beaches, in this case in the paradise of Cala Zafferano and Porto Scudo, real devastated turquoise oases from armed assaults that would not be justified even in the most hidden deserts of Africa, let alone in this land kissed by the wonders of creation. All this in the land of Sardinia, on the eve of summer 2022.

Sailing regattas diverted all along the coast , areas in the sea prohibited for any type of activity, from fishing to navigation, from diving to bathing. In the meantime, one of the most impressive military actions is taking place that have transformed Sardinia into a real sensitive target, with a frightening concentration of naval and air vehicles, 65 in all those declared compared to 21 last year. This figure would be enough to disprove those cheap "reassurances" about this Sardinian occupation, on land and at sea.

The most worrying aspect, however, is that in Italy it continues to shamelessly deny while, instead, in the American reports it is clearly stated: the "USA Harry S. Truman" unit is deployed together with its "Carrier Strike Group" in the Mediterranean , in the context of the diplomatic crisis with Russia, with the purpose of deterrence following the invasion of Ukraine. There is an even more worrying element that leaks from US sources in this sort of naval battle in the seas of the island. The "Truman", in fact, in the Mediterranean, is engaged in a "simulation" which provides that the American aircraft carrier is pursued and monitored by some Russian naval units, among which the destroyer Kulakov and the missile cruiser Varyag stand out "theoretically". The “landing in Normandy” in Teulada was enough, and now the war games between Russia and the United States are also looming over Sardinia.

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