Sardinia, land of marijuana wholesalers. "The volume of traffic detected is such as to be able to consider the region among the main producers , profiling the role of exporters, or in any case wholesale suppliers of drugs, to the advantage of external customers and no longer only of mere buyers ".

THE DOSSIER. The qualitative leap in the hierarchical ladder of drug traffickers is consolidated. And it is certified, in black and white, by the latest semi-annual report of the Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate, just delivered to Parliament, referring to the months from July to December 2021.

IMPROVED AREAS. "The investigative activities have confirmed the spread of cannabis plantations in increasingly large areas of the island" , reports the dossier, "to reiterate that the activity in question is becoming a significant business for delinquent groups".

The blows to the producers are continuous, with seizures of thousands of plants at a time. But the contrasting activity is not simple: production "is facilitated by the presence of inaccessible areas that can be easily hidden in the vegetation, as well as by the favorable climate".

SARDINIA-TUSCANY. The marijuana business is increasingly prolific. And it attracts connections with organized crime. On September 28, 2021, the Livorno carabinieri, as part of the "Mandra" operation, executed a precautionary custody order issued by the Gip of the Court of Florence against 7 people, Italian and Albanian, held responsible for the association aimed at drug trafficking between the provinces of Livorno, Pisa, Cagliari, Nuoro and Mantua. "The investigations", explained by Dia, "have ascertained the existence of drug trafficking (marijuana, cocaine and heroin) between Tuscany and Sardinia, headed by a Nuorese who has lived for some time in the province of Pisa".

EXPORT TO GERMANY . The export market has gone international: on 21 October, “a report from the German police of the arrival in Germany of a large quantity of marijuana” arrived at Dia. We are talking about 200 kilos. “The cargo, produced in a plantation on the island, processed and ready for consumption”, continues the report, “had left Sardinia and arrived in Germany in the Berlin area”.

THE MAFIEs. For the Antimafia investigators , Sardinian crime "is favored by increasingly frequent contacts with subjects from other regions, mostly from Calabria and Campania" . The clans of the Peninsula have not taken root, but "there is evidence found over time of the presence of subjects connected to" traditional mafias ", or even their projections, who have made investments on the island connected with the recycling or reinvestment of the accumulated income in other regions ".

THE NIGERIANS. On the territory, the autochthonous criminals must share the field of business with the Nigerians, who are "addicted to drug trafficking having access to supply channels from both the African continent and the rest of the national territory". These "organizations would also be involved in the trafficking of human beings, providing entry and initiation into prostitution".

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