The event involving the entire community of Suelli for the celebrations in honor of San Giorgio Vescovo comes to life. The Committee, with the patronage of the Municipality, has organized in the wake of tradition the religious and civil celebrations which will experience their most intense day tomorrow, Monday 20 May.

In fact, the first Monday after Pentecost is the official date of the Suellese festival, every year it is a different date, what remains intact is the tradition which is repeated with an extraordinary participation not only by the Suellese but also by all the faithful who venerate the saint throughout the island. «St. George still today, like 1000 years ago, is a healer, peacemaker and a figure close to people's needs», says mayor Massimiliano Garau.

This is tomorrow's program: at 8 am the meeting in the train station with the musical band, the folk groups of Suelli, Guamaggiore, San Basilio and Orroli; at 10 am the procession through the streets of the town; from 4pm to 5.30pm entertainment for children in the parish square with Rossano Erriu and the Let's Rox Animazione group; at 5.30 pm solemn mass and at 10 pm musical entertainment with Reverend Jones.

The solemn procession represents a very evocative moment: folk groups and knights participate, with the sound of the launeddas punctuated by the voices of the faithful in prayer.

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