Fear in the afternoon in San Teodoro: an ambulance was destroyed by fire after a strong explosion and two disabled people risked poisoning. The causes of the fire are still uncertain: a fault in the engine or the vehicle's electrical system cannot be ruled out. The firefighters, the local police and the mayor, Rita Deretta, were on site.

At 2.20pm a big bang, then flames and a large cloud. The vehicle was stopped in a residential car park in via Sardegna, next to the Pablo bar, in front of the bus station in via Sassari a few meters from the historic center of the town.

The two disabled boys live near the car park and the smoke invaded their apartment . Fortunately, they escaped with a great scare. Rescued by the firefighters, they were handed over to 118.

The oxygen cylinders inside the vehicle remained intact and, if they exploded, could have caused much more serious damage. According to some witnesses, the fire spread quickly after the explosion. The alarm and emergency intervention were equally rapid.

The road was reopened around 3pm.

Lorenzo Musu

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