The checks were decided to verify the regularity of the positions of any employees. And two illegal workers were discovered in that company in San Giovanni Suergiu. Except that in the greenhouse they were intent on "blooming" marijuana plants with a high THC level (12%, more than twenty times higher than the permitted limit). Thus the administrative monitoring action of the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Guardia di Finanza of Cagliari, carried out with colleagues from Iglesias' company, resulted in the seizure of 11 thousand hemp plants and 76 kilos of already dried product, as well as in the arrest of the owner of the company. The Fiamme Gialle estimate that the value of the drug on the market could have been close to 50 million euros.

The company had been monitored due to a series of anomalies such as, for example, the lack of a tax return and formal relationships with customers and suppliers.

Based on the information collected so far, it is assumed that it was a marijuana production site destined for the flourishing Sardinian market, even if formally operating in the "purchase and sale of plants and flowers" sector, as emerges from some videos published on various social networks.

There were no ordinary shrubs in the greenhouse. It was equipped with all the tools used for the cultivation of the narcotic: water tanks, canalized irrigation systems for each row and fertilizers. A shed had instead been set up for drying the product with the use of electric motors and fans.


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