Four years ago there were signs on the streets saying no to the municipal eco-centre. Since this afternoon, however, outside the structure which will be inaugurated shortly, after testing by the Province, a white sheet has appeared with the writing: "Riola, city of oil with olive grove and built-in rubbish dump".

That someone in Riola Sardo doesn't like the eco center that the municipal administration is building is now even clearer and more explicit. On the stretch of road where the workers have been at work for some time now, on state road 292, towards Cuglieri, a new protest has appeared. A few words that once again make it clear that not everyone in Riola shares the presence of the plant. Perhaps for fear of bad smells. Maybe.

«I'm sorry for what happened, but fortunately it's not everyone's opinion», says the mayor Lorenzo Pinna, «I prefer to be an oil city with an eco-centre rather than an oil city with olive groves full of waste». The construction of the work began four years ago thanks to the money allocated by the Region: 140 thousand euros.

It was the former mayor Maura Saba, before her resignation on 31 July 2020, who got the construction site off the ground not far from homes and some accommodation facilities. And the inauguration will soon take place, with controversy.

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