While the wait is over, professional sea urchin fishermen unearth the hatchet, protest is rampant on the island over the region's unfulfilled promises.

With the institution of the three-year collection stop decided last year to allow the resource to grow in the Sardinian seabed after years of excessive withdrawal, the indispensable alternatives to allow the hundred operators to earn were indicated. For them, new commitments in the cleaning of degraded bottoms and in the collection of plastics and ghost nets abandoned at the bottom of the sea . A commitment that is naturally compensated to replace the loss of earnings with the capture of sea urchins.

"Well, none of this has been realized", snaps Michele Puddu , professional diver and owner of one of the sales points in Su Siccu, also closed after the choices of the Region.

Thus, while the fishermen of Cabras announce the blockade of the 131 , the inhabitants of Cagliari choose to field the protest in their environment, the sea, by building "a wall of boats in front of the cruise ships".

The fishermen put forward their proposals: "Stop the detention decree, go back to sea again this November and the Region will immediately get to work to put pen to paper the provisions of the future biological stop." In concrete terms: three days of harvest per week and only one basket per day.

Drastic reduction measures to protect the hedgehog population but also not to give up earnings.

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