The image of a man with a gun pointed at his temple who has a syringe instead of a barrel accompanied by the slogan “ The vaccine is Russian roulette. Serum kills ” leaves little room for the imagination. It is the six-by-three-metre advertising blow-up against the Covid vaccination that appeared today in Nuoro , in viale Trieste.

Campaign promoted by the Sos Pippius non si touching group, and posted right in front of the former orphanage home to the vaccinations of the Public Hygiene Institute of the ASL 3 of Nuoro. A paid advertising campaign against Covid that is already being discussed.

The president of the anti-vaccine group, Stefano Bulla , 50 and a former soldier, explains the reason for that billboard: «We are against the dictatorship that is being created due to a false pandemic. They want to get to digital identity certification from vaccination. In other cities of Sardinia they asked to remove our signs but it was not possible». "In Nuoro - he adds - six months ago and two days before the posting, when it was already paid, the company withdrew".

Today, however, that billboard against the vaccine ended up in one of the busiest streets of the city right in front of the children's vaccination center and has already provoked the immediate position taken by the provincial medical order .

The president Maria Giobbe is categorical: «We will certainly ask to remove it. In Nuoro we thought we were a happy island, but I think these people are out of time to express their extremist and wholly anti-scientific positions as the facts demonstrate. Scientific evidence and epidemiological data - he continues - have confirmed the beneficial effect of the vaccine on the entire population, including children, young people and the elderly, limiting the number of deaths related to the Coronavirus infection.

Even the provincial president of the order of nurses, Giuseppe Gentile , remarks: «Scientific evidence tells us that since they were invented, vaccines have revived the fortunes of the populations . Our profession is based on evidence and the Covid vaccine speaks for itself: it has been tested on almost 7 billion people in the world and science speaks of benefits everywhere ».

But for Bulla it is different. The president of Is Pippius does not touch himself underlines: «They are with us many doctors, law enforcement, researchers i . It's never too late to tell the truth. We are seven thousand in all of Sardinia. We are against the dictatorship that is being created due to a false pandemic and - he adds - we have found from Istat data that the Coronavirus is a disease equal to the flu, but fewer people die than the flu, so they want to achieve digital identity for everyone".

Fabio Ledda

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