Inspection at Alghero airport by the president of the regional council Michele Pais , the regional councilor for transport Giorgio Todde and the mayor Mario Conoci . The visit to take stock of the progress of the work on the construction site open for the construction of the new arrivals hall .
The representatives of the institutions met with the top management of Sogeaal , with whom they discussed the reconfiguration of the airport viability, with the expansion of parking areas, and the construction of the new arrivals hall.
The new road network, already financed with 3.7 million euros and on which work is underway for the immediate release, is a work that will lead to a significant improvement in the quality of the service for passengers, but above all in line with needs. of security today absolutely inadequate.
THE WORKS - The modern arrivals hall, under construction on the south side of the airport, will have an area of about 800 square meters , with three new "belts" of modern conception for baggage claim and equipment for electronic scanning of passports for non-Schengen passengers.
The construction will allow to start the subsequent works for the enlargement of the departures hall , now sacrificed for the increasing volume of traffic, with the provision of suitable spaces and the development of new commercial activities.

The Alghero airport today offers 37 destinations in 17 countries , has seen an increase in the number of passengers by 8.4%, 27 thousand more than in 2019, with a further 15% increase in seats offered in the summer season.
“INTERNATIONAL HUB” - "The new arrivals hall and the reconfiguration of the external road network are two important investments to make Alghero airport an international hub on par with other European airports" declared Michele Pais, president of the regional council. "There is a need to invest in major regional infrastructures and certainly Alghero airport is one of them. The regional council led by Christian Solinas, with the transport councilor Giorgio Todde, is putting in place resources and concrete actions that go precisely in this direction and are comforted by positive results ".

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