Going to sea, a passion with which he has been traveling for many years. “This is my home,” said Leonardo Perella , an 80-year-old entrepreneur from Lombardy , the oldest guest and loyal customer of the tourist port of Porto Torres for 35 years. He was awarded with a plaque yesterday , Friday 25 May, on the occasion of the inauguration of the landing place in front of the members of Cormorano Marina, the concessionary company that manages the port structure.

Since 1990 he has been keeping his boat safe on the “Nino Pala” quay, where he has always wanted to moor «because here I feel like I am at home». A great sea enthusiast and connoisseur, he has sailed the waters of the Mediterranean as far as Greece and knows every corner of the most evocative coasts he has been able to visit.

«A customer who we also appreciated for his advice on how to renovate and renovate this port», said Giovanni Conoci, administrator of Cormorano Marina. «I want to thank you for this recognition, a thank you that I address to everyone», his few words, because the emotion took over. The administrators Antonello Gadau and Paolo Parodi also presented the plaque.

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