A new page opens for the future of the port of Cagliari. The tourist accommodation center for pleasure boating, in the stretch of seafront between the Sanità and Sant'Agostino piers, will be created and managed by the Temporary Association of Companies led by the Marina of Porto Rotondo.

A few months after the publication of the call for tenders on the Project Financing proposal for the preparation of the final design, the execution of the works and the management of the work (under the maritime state concession regime), the President of the AdSP, Massimo Deiana, has signed the award decree which closes a complex preliminary procedure.

The total private investment is over 34 million euros and the project, with some improvements compared to the one deposited in the first phase of the tender, is divided into three substantial parts : the complete redevelopment and conversion of the former maritime station into a multipurpose center for pleasure boating services and for tourist use of the area; the review of the docking system for yachts and private boats along Calata Sant'Agostino and the arrangement of the public space between the new docks and the via Roma dock.

THE PROJECT – With regard to the first point, the project envisages the total reconstruction of the old passenger terminal, which will develop over three levels plus a basement used as technical rooms . In the new configuration, the ground floor of the structure will be dedicated to services for pleasure boating with reception, waiting room, personnel and security offices, toilets, luggage storage, first aid clinics, but also commercial and restaurant with outdoor spaces facing the sea and an infinity pool. The upper floors , on the other hand, will house 36 rooms , a wellness area with gym and spa, a swimming pool and panoramic terraces . The entire building, in the new design variant, will be surmounted by a canopy perforated in various points to recall the designs of the local tradition carpets and, with particular architectural features, will be inspired by the shape of a sail supported by steel poles that recall the masts of the boats .

THE MOORINGS – With regard to the tourist port, the intervention provides for the use of the current set-up also for mega yachts. In detail, the Sanità wharf, on the west side, will host 11 moorings for boats between 30 and 40 metres. Another 15 points, for pleasure boats from 20 to 80 meters, will be arranged along Calata Sant'Agostino through the translation of the current ferry dock of about 190 meters from the current root with the positioning (borne by the proponent), of a new floating pontoon which will function as a scassa.

Finally, as regards the paved area of the Calata Azuni, the asphalted surface will be replaced with a stone paving, in continuity with the rest of the paving of the promenade in the Port.

GREEN AND PEDESTRIAN AREAS – For all the surrounding public space, the project reconfirms the rationalization of green and pedestrian areas. The current driveway closer to via Roma will be maintained, served by car parks and separated from the rest of the area with large green spaces, while a new double-route cycle path of almost 400 meters will run parallel to the driveways, from the Calata Azuni roundabout up to the Darsena, creating a new connection axis for alternative mobility with the already existing cycle/pedestrian lanes.

The public pedestrian space will see the alternation of paths paved in stone, wood and green areas .

At the base of the Molo Sanità, in the barycentric position of the project, a limestone-paved square will be built, which will host a large rectangular, overflow fountain and the 3 sculptures by Pinuccio Sciola, which will be enhanced with a particular lighting system .

The contractor for the procedure will carry out the project, ensuring its future functional and economic management, with an annual fee of approximately 67,000 euros for the three-year period of the works and approximately 110,000 for subsequent years.

"Today we can finally formalize the name of the subject who, in a few months and for the next three years, will implement the long-awaited radical transformation in the beating heart of the Cagliari seafront - explains Massimo Deiana , President of the Sardinian Sea AdSP - L he initiative of the temporary association of companies led by the Porto Rotondo Marina, to which I wish you the best of fruitful work, I am sure will be able to create new and valuable spaces dedicated to tourist-recreational use, allowing boats and mega yachts to dock directly in the heart of the city. The new waterfront will therefore be dedicated to excellent services for passengers and on-board staff, it will certainly offer many job opportunities for the community, in synergy with the shipbuilding hub at the canal port which, with completion expected in a few months, with the enormous attractive potential for companies in the sector, will become the driving force of pleasure boating in Southern Sardinia»


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