Goodbye in the first months of next year to the at-grade intersection on the 131 near Paulilatino. Work has already begun to eliminate the deadly trap that has cost the lives of many people over the years.

The construction of the entrance and diversion ramps of the junction, the local roads and the restoration of the municipal roads are currently at an advanced stage.

The intervention, worth over 10 million euros, already includes at the design level the repaving of the municipal road directly connected to the new Paulilatino junction.

«In detail – they explain from Anas – the works involve the elimination of the at-grade intersection near the industrial area of the Municipality of Paulilatino at km 120. The adaptation of the existing overpass is planned for the connection and insertion of two roundabouts, for connection with local roads. Four entry/exit ramps will also be built."

«The new junction – adds Anas – will allow an increase in the safety and comfort standards of the section and is part of Anas' broader plan for the elimination of at-grade junctions in the main Sardinian artery. The improvement of the road network will allow for a reduction in accident rates and greater visibility for travellers."

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