In Olbia the wild boar emergency comes to the city council . In the last session, the group leader of Liberi Insieme, Davide Bacciu, intervened to ask for clarification on the news regarding the alarm raised by the inhabitants of the peripheral neighborhoods of Poltu Cuadu and Olbiamare, who, for months, have been denouncing the dangerous invasion of ungulates attracted by the garbage.

«Several people attacked and injured, fatal attacks on pet animals and a danger for people traveling on motorbikes and in cars – the councilor recalled – we believe that the time has come to close the circle and act to move the families of wild boars that roam day and night."

The opposition councilor declared himself aware of the agreement with the previous environmental councilor to follow a protocol, formulated with the help of the Province's environment office, but for now still on the Region's table. Overcome skills gaps and immediately start an action as long as it is self-controlled as happens, for example, on the nearby island of La Maddalena.

Bacciu, in fact - regional president of Federcaccia - underlined his opposition to the methods envisaged by that agreement which provides for the capture and killing of the animal inside the same cages. «A practice that should be reviewed because it is contrary to the ideas of both hunters and animal rights activists – he reiterated – The solution is to uproot the wild boars and take them many kilometers away from the city so that they cannot return to the sites».

In the eradication of ungulates, Bacciu recalls, the figure of the wildlife assistant, hunter, qualified with a course in the monitoring and management of wildlife emergencies in accordance with the programs of the Provinces, is fundamental. «That there was no killing of animals in cages but only capture is one of the first things we highlighted – replied the mayor Settimo Nizzi – the document was sent at the end of January to those responsible. The protection of public order is very important but we remember that the only body responsible for capture is the province of Sassari, the Municipality has no jurisdiction in regulatory terms. Last week I spoke with the new regional councilor for the environment, now we are waiting for a response."

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