Raising awareness of the disease also passes through the images of pain. That, excruciating and profound, difficult to explain to those who don't experience it on their own skin. "Azioni Multiple", with the photographic exhibition "Vertigo", the monologues of the company "Teatro NYX", the contributions of the scientific community and Aism, and the support of the Municipality of Olbia, will try to tell multiple sclerosis in an evening event between art and dissemination.

The event will take place on Sunday (from 5 pm) in the lobby of the Costa Smeralda Airport, thanks to the active organization of Mylene Carta. It will be the first of a series of activities which , says the creator and artist Chaibia Al Ghalimi, will aim to bring attention to a pathology as disabling as it is widespread (in Sardinia 370 cases per 100,000 inhabitants) and which requires medical and psychological support constant, starting from the diagnosis.

Chaibia, 36, suffering from multiple sclerosis diagnosed in 2016, moved to the island for the milder climate that helps her feel better. «It is here in Olbia that I met the director and photographer Giada Degortes, founder of the “Teatro Nyx” laboratory, with whom we began a journey that led us to create a photographic journey – she says -. The shots "stop" my neuropathic symptoms, the idea is to want to immortalize these sensations, that pain that you can't see but exists».

Not just storytelling in images: the project includes theatrical monologues based on the testimonies of various patients - on stage the actors Leonardo Vita and Dalila Peduzzi - and jazz music by the trio Rotyslav Prachun, Paolo Addis and Paolo Corda.

The medical interventions that will treat the neurological aspects will be fundamental, thanks to the medical directors Roberto Ignazio Zarbo and Gabriele Farina, nutritional with the specialist Veronica Sirigu up to the psychological aspects with the psychotherapist Maria Giovanna Deiana.

"It would be really important to have an Aism section in Olbia and we will work hard for that - says Chaibia - In the meantime we will try to make our own the legacy of the Zer046 Association, which for years has supported multiple sclerosis patients by giving them support, information and providing aids useful". Zer046, chaired by Salvatore Sollano, suffered a sudden setback due to Covid and, finding no new lifeblood to continue its work, announced its closure a few days ago. «We tried to change the board without luck – explains Sollano – now I wish the best to the organizers for the convention and future initiatives». Presents the evening Martina Tore.

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