Race against time to save the life of a five-month-old baby girl.

The little girl was urgently transported from Olbia to Rome with an Air Force Falcon 50.

From what we learn, the little girl, hospitalized at the San Francesco Hospital in Nuoro, needed to be transferred as quickly as possible to the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome.

The special ambulance flight was activated, at the request of the Prefecture of Nuoro, from the Top Situation Room of the Air Force Command, which immediately alerted the 31st Wing of Ciampino, one of the flight departments of the Armed Forces in readiness 24 hours a day for this type of missions for the benefit of the community.

The aircraft, in very short time from the call, took off from Ciampino airport and reached the Olbia Costa Smeralda airport, where it embarked the child, the mother and a medical team which guaranteed medical assistance during the flight.


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