The virus has never gone away but now the Nile Fever returns to scare Sardinia .

And, after the case of the 72-year-old from Massama hospitalized in very serious conditions (this is the first infection found in a man on the island this year), there is maximum alert . Especially since there is a suspected case also in Ogliastra , where a Paduan tourist showed all the symptoms compatible with the virus.

The regional crisis unit for West Nile disease met urgently on Friday evening to define a law enforcement plan and strengthen controls.

CONTROLS - Entomological traps for catching insects had been doubled throughout the island (there are 75 and most of them are located in the Oristano area) but so far they have not detected anything. Not even active surveillance, with the killing of crows (often requested by farmers) has given feedback and now " passive surveillance must be absolutely strengthened , that is the checks on birds that are found dead" explains Antonio Montisci , coordinator of the crisis unit West Nile disease and regional manager of the Montisci Public Veterinary and Food Safety Service. "The crisis unit has called for a strengthening on this front, asking for the collaboration of Forestas, Forestale, barracelli and also of the citizens".

The Oristanese is one of the areas most at risk due to the massive presence of wetlands, an ideal habitat for mosquitoes that transmit Wnd to humans (insects become infected by biting birds, ideal reservoirs of the virus). And it is precisely here that he was isolated in 2011 , there had been numerous cases and three deaths. In the following years the fight against mosquitoes and viruses continued, with prevention (often an unequal battle given the difficulties for disinfestation) and surveillance: there were other infections in people and horses (for animals there is a vaccine). The situation seemed under control, but the case of the pensioner from Massama indicates that there is something to review and that one must never let one's guard down.

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