There are those who complain about the few resources available, given the many kilometers of coast that need to be made safe. But there are also those who have received the contribution from the Region for lifesaving at sea without having any beach to employ lifeguards.

This is the case of Riola Sardo: almost seven thousand euros are available for the Municipality. However, administrators still do not know if and how they will be able to use them. Riola Sardo also appears in the Region's resolution containing the list of coastal municipalities in Sardinia benefiting from the contribution for the implementation of the "Sea rescue program in the 2024 summer season". In addition to the allocated amount, we also read the value referring to the length of the bathing coast .

Mayor Lorenzo Pinna himself was surprised: «It had never happened. We have already highlighted the anomaly but also asked how we can use the resources, given that we do not have a coastline where we can employ lifeguards. But only a crag located behind the Parco dei Sound which can only be reached by sea. An area that few know about."

The other coastal municipalities, the real ones, are instead working to publish the tender, only then will they be able to entrust the service which will start in mid-summer in almost the entire coast. This is due to the few resources available. For the Municipality of Cabras 37 thousand euros have been allocated, for Arborea there are almost 30 thousand euros, for Santa Giusta 15 thousand and 400 euros. To activate the service in San Vero Milis, 25 thousand euros are available, for the coastal area of Narbolia ten thousand euros, for that of Cuglieri 15 thousand euros.

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