A vandal raid on the fishpond and Marceddì fear returns.

The vandals went into action in the night between Saturday and Sunday in the Marceddì Valley, the so-called third fishpond: passing through the courtyard they destroyed the windows of some rooms including the kitchen, broke into the vending machine and other furnishings.

At dawn some fishermen discovered that they had received an unwelcome visit and immediately notified the president of the Consortium, which brings together 114 members.

«It is the umpteenth act against us – comments Antonio Loi – fortunately this time the damages are more contained, but for us it is always a hard blow ». And above all it is certainly not a sign of relaxation, also because the raid two days ago is only the latest in a long series . Last July over ten thousand pots were burned, on Christmas Eve a boat was set on fire.

The investigations by the Carabinieri of Oristano are going on, the footage from the cameras is being examined even if some areas of the lagoon still escape the shots.

"We will soon complete the video surveillance system, in the meantime we have strengthened surveillance and the police are also very present". In particular after the most serious episode last July when over ten thousand pots were destroyed by the flames.

An underlying concern remains in a lagoon which, as the president of the Consortium repeats, "has enormous potential for development but always seems to run aground between envy and rivalry".

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