Great success for Karol Trudu at the Regional Championship and Sardinia Cup of Latin American dance, in Cagliari on 25 and 26 May.

The young dancer crowned her commitment by becoming regional champion in the 10-12 year old class C category , an achievement that testifies to her consistency in facing challenges with determination.

But it is not only Karol who shines in the Latin American dance scene in Sardinia.

The masters Claudio Artizzu and Veronica Toro of the ASD MOOVING DANCE of Quartu Sant'Elena guided their students with experience and competence , transmitting to them not only the dance techniques, but also the values of commitment, discipline and passion which are fundamental to achieve your own goals.

In addition to Karol Trudu, Alessandra Artizzu, Aurora Argiolas, Marika Cojana, Melania Murgia, Sabrina Mundula, Francesca Cordeddu, Alice Lecca, Roberta Garau, Marta Pianu, Sofia Ilaria Mascia, Beatrice Mallò, Melania Ambu and Matilde Demontis made their mark at the championships , teachers and athletes who, with their commitment and passion, have made this competition an unforgettable event.

The modern contemporary groups under 11, the baby dance of the teacher Emilia Mameli and the Latin group over 35 of Muravera also belonging to the ASD MOOVING DANCE also stood out.

The team's next objective is the Italian Championships in Rimini.


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