Also this year at Christmas and New Year no one will give up. According to the national observatory of Federconsumatori there will be an 8-10 percent increase in prices, but panettone and pandoro will not be lacking on Sardinian tables . Even better if artisanal: only in Cagliari about 15 thousand should be produced, in all of Sardinia between 40 and 45 thousand, from the bakery next door to the most important pastry shops . The cost varies, on average, between 18 and 50 euros depending on the type.

Andrea Pusceddu, regional president of Federconsumatori, warns citizens : «To be considered artisanal», he says, «a panettone or pandoro must meet certain parameters, both in terms of the ingredients used and in terms of production methods» .

The market, at least according to the rumors of operators and insiders, seems to respond to expectations in any case. And maybe even something more : «We alone have 2,500 pieces in production for private individuals and companies in the Cagliari area», says Gianluca Aresu, pastry chef, owner of the Piemontese. «Of course, it's always a bet, also for a matter of cost: the product must be consumed within a certain deadline because we don't use preservatives, and at the same time we need to study attractive packaging and use quality products» . Among the most popular requests, according to Aresu, «this year there is the cappuccino flavour, which we make with white chocolate and coffee, and also the pistachio, which must strictly be from Bronte».

Raffaele Coccodi, owner of Les Plus Bon, draws a line of distinction between artisanal and industrial productions : «Our company expects to produce around 3,500 panettones. The strength of an artisan panettone must be the use of sourdough, genuine products and the freshness of starting production in December and not in June as the industries do».

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