It could have been a holy hand. Instead, it turned out to be a bad shingle. In any case, that handrail on the stairs of the church of the Santissimo Salvatore has nothing to do. At least for now. The investigations by the carabinieri did not lead to the identification of the installation, but the Superintendence has nevertheless decided to sanction Don Onofrio Serra, as parish priest and manager of the ancient Romanesque church.

The penalty

It was August when a metal and wood handrail appeared in front of the ancient church of San Salvatore in the historic center of Sestu. Small, useful, but installed without following the rules. Take a complaint, the investigations of the Superintendency and the Carabinieri in the Nucleus for the protection of cultural heritage start lightning fast. Now comes the last act, because if it weren't true it would be comedy. A fine of 516 euros by the Cultural Heritage affects the parish of San Giorgio, directly responsible for the Romanesque church; together with the injunction, arrived by letter, to remove the handrail, at the expense of the parish. With a lot of project that will involve marble worker and architect. «I'm sorry», the elderly parish priest vents, «by law I am responsible for all the assets of the parish. But not guilty."

Illegal work

In these days Don Onofrio is very busy collecting donations to help the needy to spend peaceful holidays. "I didn't have that handrail put up", continues the priest, "It appeared from one day to the next, we still don't know who did it". It must be said that the need was there. The Romanesque church, probably built in the twelfth century, is accessed via two steep steps. A real obstacle for many elderly people: "Even I find it hard at times", continues Don Onofrio. But someone saw it and didn't like it, sending an anonymous complaint to the press and the authorities. "From the investigations it has not been possible to trace any author of the modification", specifies the captain of the Carabinieri Pasquale Pinnelli, responsible for the investigations; «for this, nothing criminal has been contested. But with the Superintendency it was agreed to restore the original state of the places".

The restore

Carrying out works on a cultural and historical asset, and in this case also identifying and inserted in the Romanesque itinerary in Sardinia, is certainly not like doing it in the backyard. We need checks and tests, because the risk is ruining a priceless asset. In San Salvatore, to install the handrail, the facade was pierced with two plugs. «I had to call two professionals, I will soon know more about how much it will cost», concludes Don Onofrio, «we will need a project to remove two nails. I could have appealed, but I didn't feel like it." The time will not be short, but in the meantime the faithful who go to the church use the new support very willingly.

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