More than half of Sardinian families (precisely 51%) declare that they have "a lot or some" difficulty in reaching emergency rooms.

This is the data provided to by Istat , which released the latest report on public utility services, based on 2023 numbers.

A percentage, the Sardinian one, which is higher than the national one, which is 50.8% (increasing by 1.6 percentage points compared to 2022) and which reaches 68.6% in the smallest municipalities, those under two thousand inhabitants.

But emergency rooms are not the only public service deemed difficult to reach by residents. According to Istat, 30% of the inhabitants of the two largest Italian islands - Sardinia and Sicily - believe it is difficult to access the police and carabinieri offices, almost 35% the municipal offices and over 20% the supermarkets.

Things seem to be going better in pharmacies : in this case, around 15% of Sardinian and Sicilian families report difficulties in reaching drug retailers.

The report also shows that over half of users in Sardinia believe that access times to local health authorities should be changed to ensure greater ease and convenience of access to services. Indeed, with 50.7% the Island is the Italian region where this need is most felt.

Still with regard to local health authorities, at a national level, approximately half of users also complain about excessive waiting times: the share of people who wait more than 20 minutes at the local health authority is equal to 49.8%.

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